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Christ established the Church as part of God’s divine plan. As Church members, Christians have gathered through the centuries for worship, fellowship, nurture, an service. Churches serve as mighty mission station that go forth as Christian soldiers to spread the Gospel in word and deed.


Church membership provides redeemed persons an opportunity to bind together to worship, edify, gain spiritual strength, and direction through fellowship and service with other believers. 


Within Christianity ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread our faith, the prototype being the Great Commission. 


Herein is a list of ministries which are currently employed or envisioned at the Douglas Tabernacle Primitive Baptist Church in the year ahead, this list is not all encompassing, as other committees or ministries may be instituted based on need and relevance. 


Audio-Visual Ministry


Provides engineering services, system operations, corrective and preventive maintenance, installation and modification for audio, visual aid, operation system, and sound reinforcement systems; also makes operators and equipment available to the Church as required during actives and programs. 


College Ministry 


Seeks to minister to and grow the faith foundation of college students who are at home and away for school. 


College-aged students are some of the most world changing and impactful people in the world. They are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but can be some of the most influential leaders of today.



Culinary ( Kitchen) Ministry 


Responsible for maintaining the kitchen area and appliances in an orderly manner and in a high state of cleanliness; assuming accountability for necessities for food preparation and insuring that Christian integrity is observed.  


Deacon’s Ministry


The office of deacon stated in Paul’s epistles is one of the two scriptural offices of the Church. Deacons alleviate tension and preserve unity within the church through service, doing spiritual work by meeting physical needs, as the very word “deacon” means, one who serves. The Pastor leads in ministry, deacons facilitate in ministry, as the congregation does the ministry; together we achieve the ministry of the Lord.  

Additionally, the Deacons will attend to the Lord’s Supper Table, the Table of the Pastor, and the Table of the Poor; moreover, Deacons will engage with the Mothers to care for the needs of the congregation. 


Education Ministry 


A primary obligation of the Christian Church is that of providing learning opportunities for Christians new and old to the Christian faith. We desire that all who hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ would believe on Him and from the point of belief, live a life committed to His principles in the performance of the Church mission. 


The function of this ministry is to provide means and methods for Christian learning, acquiring learning or teaching material as needed for the various ministers of the Church to include Sunday School and Mid-weeks Bible study. 


The ministry will plan and execute activates designed to inform our members of the various educational and vocational opportunities that are available via workshops and forums; will provide assistance to high school students and  young adults attempting to complete necessary applications; will provide guidance to students who wish to apply for educational scholarships provided by the Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Association, Tri-State Primitive Baptist Convention, and the National Primitive Baptist Convention. 


Historic Ministry 


Douglas Tabernacle has a blessed and rich heritage; however, without proper documentation, much of that history will go unrecorded and unaccounted for. 


This ministry will conduct investigations into the history of the Church through contact with elder members and research of available documents without an without the Church for the purpose of establishing formal documentation, along with ongoing events. 


Additionally, this ministry will establish and maintain an historic room in the designated area to archive and display our history. 


Hospitality Ministry


Insures that the first impression visitors receive of the Douglas Tabernacle Church Family is a good impression. How shall is be accomplished? 


  1. Members serving in this ministry shall ensure someone is positioned within any gathering of the saints so as to receive visitors, with all spiritual graces, as they recognize them as they identify themselves or others identify them. 

  2. When visitors are identified, members serving in this ministry will also lovingly inquire about their connections with the body of Christ to the end of evangelizing them and provide them a visitors package which welcomes and explains who we are. 

  3. When visitors are identify themselves, visitors cards shall be provided for the purpose of acknowledgement and follow-up by committee members.

  4. In all cases this committee shall take the time necessary to, in a more personal Christian way, express our appreciation for their visit and our interest that they return again. 


Membership Ministry 


One primary task of all churches is to maintain contact through an active relationship with Christians who are Church members. It is so easy to lose contact with those members who are not an active part of the movement of the Church. They are not part of any organization of the Church, not in close contact with members to including Pastor and Deacon, they are not involved in any actives of the Church beyond Morning Worship. 


If such a member gets sick, attend Church infrequently or experiences some other issues of life— the Church is generally unaware of such conditions. 


Therefore, it is through this ministry that we will seek to maintain an active relationship with both active and inactive members. The mission is: 


  1. establish means ( explored by the ministry) by which we can reestablish relations with members who either attend Church infrequent or have discontinued but have not united with another Church. 

  2. use whatever means available to establish communication with the members. 

  3. plan actives designed to bring all members into a closer fellowship, especially inactive members. 


Men’s Ministry


This ministry is designed to strengthen the fellowship between the men within the Church, aid them in accepting their position as the cornerstone of the family, and to encourage one another in the word of God. Considering the plight of men within our community it is imperative that older men be equipped to reach out share with the younger. 


Mother’s Ministry


Mothers of the Church are mature women appointed by the Pastor to be examples of godly women exhorting others through the teaching of God’s Word, being an example, and counseling younger women of the Church. 


This ministry will engage with the Deacons to care for the needs of the congregation, aid in preparations of the observance of the ordinances of the Church, and keeping the pulpit area attended to. 

Music Ministry 


Music plays a major role in worship; it sets the tone of service and tends to bring worships to a common focal point. Person participating in this ministry shall endeavor to sanctify themselves when signing to the glory of God, study to insure soundness, and endeavor to be committed in worship.   

Nursery Ministry 


A vital part of meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of congregants is providing a caring, clean, and safe atmosphere for children. This ministry will be responsible for maintaining the allocated nursery room and ensuring that all toys are safe and pose no hazard to children, that all electrical outlets are secured and any food items given children are within the prescribed shelf life.


This ministry will administer no medicines to children, will allow no child above the age of five to stay in the nursery and will advise parents of any noticed discomforts experienced by child while in our care. Ensure that only parents, brothers or sisters receive the child. Ensure the integrity of Douglas Tabernacle Primitive Baptist Church is maintained. 


Prayer Ministry 


The purpose of this ministry is to serve as a focal point for organized prayer within the Church and community. The existence of this ministry in no way suggest  the need for individual prayer and any others prayers are lessen within the Church. 


This ministry will insure constant prayer on behalf of individual members, organizations, and the Church as a whole. This ministry will, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, establish schedules when we as a Church will come together in prayer. 


Whatever we expect from God, only happens after prayer; we must pray for those in positions of authority in our Church: pastor, elders, deacon, mothers, teachers, musicians, etc. 


Senior Ministry 


This ministry shall concern it’s self with planning and executing activities of both religious and civic nature in order to enhance awareness, commitment, and quality of life of those members of our Church age 59 and over.


As each of us age, we begin to experience challenges and difficulties we have never encountered before. Loneliness from losing loved ones, prevailing illnesses, and financial uncertainties may grip our daily lives. While we can be rest assured that God would not forsake us with age, we should strive to remember aging adults around us and acknowledge their contributions to society.

Social Media Ministry 


This ministry will concern itself with making Worship Services accessible to the world, to take Christ to every man, woman, boy and girl utilizing the various technological platforms as an extension of the Church. 


Additionally, the ministry will publicize events which are held at the Church through the means of all available media. This broadens the outreach of the Church to notify those in the community and surrounding areas of actives taking place within the Church. 


Maintain a viable Church website and Social Media pages. 


Transportation Ministry 


This Ministry will ensure that the Church van(s) are maintained in a constant state of readiness; ensure that transportation services are available to all Worship services to include Mid-Week Bible Study. 


Additionally, communicate with the Deacons any emergencies that prevent operation. 


Usher’s Ministry 


This ministry will consist of the various usher boards within the Church; will: 


  1. establish consistency in performance of duties and ensure that each usher board understands the vital role played in preparing and maintaining the House of God for worship services; the need to assist the Pastor in maintaining order during the Worship Service and the need for maintain the sanctuary while Scripture is read, the sermon is delivered, and the Invitation  to Christian Discipleship is extended. 

  2. be responsible for coordinating and arranging special training needs of ushers within our Church Family. There is a need for both ushers and members to view the work of ushering as a ministry by which we can encourage souls in all conditions. 

  3. be responsible for arranging lessons to be presented in various usher board settings; topics could include: the reasons why ushers are necessary in Church services, the need for ushers service beyond their post, being faithful as a steward in God’s house, etc.   


Women’s Ministry 


This ministry is designed to strengthen the fellowship between the women within the Church, aid them in accepting their position as mothers and wives, and to encourage one another in the word of God. Considering the plight of women within our community it is imperative that older women be equipped to reach out share with the younger. 

Youth Ministry


This ministry is designed to engage our youth in order to promote Christian values through fellowship amongst peers. 


If we are going to instill Christian values in our your, the best places to do it are in the home and in the Church; often we see youth involved in secular society while going unexposed to the spiritual society. Some children are well supplied in the sciences and sins of the world but are void of the knowledge of the  world’s only Savior. 


Wherefore, there must be actives in place for our youth that: 


  1. Make disciples for Christ. The youth, with the assistance of responsible and committed adults, must be taught and trained in Christian duties in terms of being faithful stewards of those things God has given, the necessities of giving of their time, talent and treasure for the work of ministry and be active witnesses to those who have not accepted Christ as their Savior.

  2. Equip youth with God’s Word and in maintaining an active prayer life. The youth leaders should take serious the lives of our youth and recognize the value of God’s word in their lives and understand the advantages of faithful ordered prayer life. 

  3. Teach youth how to maintain consistent faith in an ever changing society. 


Young Adult Ministry 


The purpose of this ministry is to focus on developing saints age 18-29. This ministry shall particularly endeavor to minister to the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of persons within this grouping. 


Certain social activities such as retreats, tours, workshops, and Bible discussions will be arranged for the purpose of promoting fellowship among members and drawing nonmembers to our fellowship.  


Youth Advisory Ministry 


This ministry exists for the noble work of guiding young saints and potential saints in maintaining a good Christian walk. The members of this ministry shall provide mature leadership for our youth, presenting themselves as godly role models for our youth exhibiting devotion, commitment, and service to God and His people; being mindful that you cannot lead where you will not go. 


There is a great work which we can accomplish if we unite behind the common purpose of lifting Christ.   

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